Biographical & Personal Information
Name: Unknown (Not mention)
Apparent Age: Teen to Middle Age
Gender: Female
Species: Humans
Occupation: Unknown
Nationality: American
Relatives: Mother


Weaponry: Shotguns
Hobbies: Unknown
Hair Color: Black


Eye Color: Blue
Status: Deceased
Cause Of Death: Shot & Smash in the head by hammers
Role: Minor Characters
Character Information
Appearance: Feast II Sloppy Seconds
Portrayed By: Unknown

Bozo's neighbors, are minor characters who only appeared in Feast II Sloppy Seconds.They are a family of three a mother, father and their son.Who lived next door to Bozo,while the monsters invaded Small Town they decide to keep hidden in their apartment. Until The Bleeders came looking for Bozo,arm with shotguns the family threatens to killed them if they don't leave but The Bleeders refuse to leave until they find Bozo,they all end up getting killed by the gang since they were fast shooters.The father survives, but was soon killed off by Tat Girl with two sledge hammers to the head.