Biographical & Personal Information
Name: Shit Kicker
Apparent Age: Middle Age Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Calvary
Nationality: American
Relatives: Unknown
Weaponry: Rifle
Hobbies: Fighting
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Deceased
Cause Of Death: Accidentally got shot by Secrets
Role: Minor Character
Character Information
Appearance: Feast III The Happy Finish
Portrayed By: John Allen Nelson

"You people wanna wait here and died?...Or you wanna take the fight to these devil dogs!"

- Shit Kicker to the survivors

Shit Kicker is a minor character who first and only appeared in Feast III The Happy Finish, Shit Kicker is a member of the cavalry who was sent with his comrades to find any survivors during the monsters invading the country.While arriving in the Town, Shit Kicker drives through the police station smashing the door looking for some weaponry.He stumbles

Shit Kicker shows Secrets how to shot a gun.

across Biker Queen, Tat Girl, Tit Girl, Secrets, Bartender, Slasher and Greg  who were waiting for the cavalry all night and ask if Shit Kicker is it, he reveals that everyone in the cavalry is dead and he is the only survivor left since the monsters have killed them all.Depressed by the news,Shit Kicker decides to help the survivors, he explains to them they need more weaponry and transportation to escape.As everyone is trying to look for the keys to the cabin where the guns are in the police station, Shit Kicker tells them they need to split up into groups which would make it easier for them to survivor.Greg reveals that Slasher has a lot of used cars that the survivors can use to escape and knows the code number for the safe where the keys are for the cars.But Slasher refers to cooperate  but Shit Kicker suggest that Slasher cooperates & needs to get the keys from the safe.

Admire by Secrets she told him she knew he'll come and safe them, Shit Kicker ask Secrets if she knows how to used a gun and shows her how to shoot and give her a pistol to used suddenly he is shot in the head by Secrets. The survivors were shock by this and wonders what to do now.The gunshot alerts the monsters, who enter the police station Shit Kicker's corpse was seen being drag out by one of the monsters.