Copy of Feast 3

A Slasher Beast In Feast III

The Slasher Beast Is A Creature Character Featured In Feast 3: The Happy Finish


Hearing noise coming from a large storage box, one of the beasts began to investigate and found a group of humans hiding inside. Slipping its member through one of the holes, the beast began to rape Slasher. After finishing, it only took a few moments for the man’s stomach to expand and explode. A new beast, the Slasher Beast, was born and killed all but two inside the box before escaping. The Slasher Beast followed the surviving humans into the sewers but kept its distance until they prepared to get back to the surface. After the so-called prophet’s hearing aid failed and lost power, the creature slaughtered him and killed yet another. Seeing her own love killed, Secrets jumped the Slasher Beast and began to rip into its chest with her own teeth. The other four survivors did so also, tearing chunks out of the creature until Secrets grabbed the pipe and hammered it into its skull several times, killing the Slasher Beast with a few blows.


Hybrid of a Human/Monster