Thunder is one of the main characters who appeared in Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds. He is a small Mexican wrestler whose girlfriend fell fate to one of the remaining monsters at a nearby window. He then cuts ties with the Biker Girls, Slasher, Secrets, and Greg where they reside in a garage, a hiding place from the monster. After Greg sets off the monster alarm while dissecting it, the monster doses his grandmother with green vomit which leaves her slowly degenerating, and alarms the other monsters. They all hide on the roof, where they construct a sling shot made of the Biker Girls' clothing and a motorbike. They test the sling shot by tossing grandma over to the roof of the police station, rendering her dead on arrival.

Thunder becomes the second surviving member to be sling shot, but he slams into the ground, and is disemboweled by the Feast Monsters.

He is seen crawling away without his legs from the scene in Feast 3: The Happy Finish, but is then ran over by a minor character named Shitkicker.